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"The heavy duty vehicle market is definitely a much bigger market, much better, and much more profitable market for all of us."

Mirek Staniszewski
Dana's Perfect Circle

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The Source For Global Automotive Industry Information

Auto Industry .com , Central Europe Automotive Report™, CEAR™

Since 1996, the CENTRAL EUROPE AUTOMOTIVE REPORT™ (CEAR™),™, and Auto Industry .comô have provided coverage of the Central Europe automotive markets of Poland, Hungary, Czech Republic, Slovak Republic, Romania, Bulgaria, Slovenia, Russia, and the CIS. Now, they have expanded to cover the Global Auto Industry.

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Central Europe Automotive Report - CEAR™

We produce a monthly Standard Edition and a weekly Analyst Edition. Visit CEAR™ Magazine for more information, as well as free sample issues.


This is our weekly email auto news service which is included with the Analyst Edition of the CEAR™. Visit AutoNewsFast™ for more information, as well as free sample issues of AutoNewsFast™.

Poland Auto Market Overview

Poland Auto Market Overview is an excerpt from the Poland section of the CEAR's™ Central Europe Automotive Market Overview Report. Find out what's happening in Poland, and why you should be there. This special overview excerpt is made available to you free of charge.
New Market Research
Romanian Border Traffic Statistics
Romanian Auto Importers and Distributors
Russian & CIS Producers Of Engines/Cylinder Heads
What Information Do You Need?
Czech Car Sales by segment and model, including prices
Hungary Car Sales by segment and model
Czech Car Sales by segment and model, including prices
Updated Central Europe Automotive Market Overview

What's New?

Free Monthly Auto News Email Report
The CEAR™ also publishes a free monthly auto news email report which highlights important automotive related news from Central Europe. To receive this free report, just click the following link and then send the message. Send Email Report.
Guest Forum: Central Europe Automotive Forum
Todd Sholtis from Plastic Molding Technology

Todd Sholtis on's Guest ForumOur Web forum guest is Todd Sholtis from the US-based company Plastic Molding Technology (PMT). PMT has operated in Slovakia since 1991. The company's Slovak subsidiary -- PMT Slovakia -- designs and produces plastic injection molds and dies for the auto industry. PMT is also part of a Slovak joint venture -- Esoplast -- a company that specializes in insert and injection molding.

Mr. Sholtis is Sales & Marketing Manager and VP European Operations for PMT. He is also the Managing Director of PMT Slovakia and Co-Managing Director of Esoplast. He currently lives in Bratislava, Slovak Republic.

In the
CEAR Central Europe Automotive Forum™, Mr. Sholtis will talk with us about the key to survival in the Slovak market for small auto suppliers in like PMT, changes needed in the Slovak market, and current industry trends.

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