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Central Europe Automotive Market Overview
Table of Contents

I. Why Are Auto Companies Coming to Central Europe?	3

Major Global Automotive Trends	3
Advantages of Manufacturing in Central Europe	4

II. Key Trends in the Central European Auto Industry	5

Localization Percentage Rising	5
Consolidation	5
Car Sales Leveling Off	5
Financing & Leasing	5
Technical Centers	6
Full Manufacturing	6
Daewoo Invasion	6

III. Problems in Central Europe	6

Infrastructure/Borders	6
Future Overcapacity	7
Local Buying Power	7
Insufficient Resources for R&D	7
Labor Difficulties	7
Quality	8
Price Bids Not Competitive	8
Small Jobs Difficult to Source	8
Poor Basic Services	8
Bureaucracy	8

IV. Review of Key Automotive Companies in Central Europe	10

Vehicle Manufacturers	10

Poland	10
Czech Republic	11
Hungary	12
Slovak Republic	13
Slovenia	13
Romania	14

Components Suppliers	15

Poland	15
Czech Republic	16
Hungary	18
Slovak Republic	19
Slovenia	20
Romania	21

V. Country Reviews	23

Poland	23
Czech Republic	29
Hungary	34
Slovak Republic	40
Slovenia	46
Romania	50

VI. Data Tables	55

Best Selling Brands in Poland	55
10 Best Selling Cars & Commercial Vehicles in Poland	55
Sales & Production of New Cars and Commercial Vehicles in Poland	56
Passenger Car & Jeep Sales in Hungary	57
Top Selling Passenger Car Brands in Romania	58
Romanian Production & Assembly	58
Best Selling Passenger Car Models in Slovenia	59
New Car Registrations in Slovenia by Brand	60
Car Production at Revoz/Renault Plant in Slovenia	61

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