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This order form is for Market Research Services Information and Pricing Requests, Subscriptions, Back Issues, Articles & Research Reports, Expert Directory Listings, and Classified Advertisements. Please fill in your Contact Information and then scroll down to the appropriate order section.

Thank you for your business.

Order Information

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I am Interested in Pricing and Information on the Following Market Research Services:

Custom Research

Competitive Intelligence Reports

List Sales


CEAR™ Info Desk
I would like to Order a One Year Subscription for:

Standard Electronic Edition @ USD$295

Analyst Edition including AutoNewsFast™ @ USD$495

Subscription Guarantee: We guarantee that you will find the CEAR™ to be useful and informative. If you are not completely satisfied, you may cancel at any time and receive a refund for the unused portion of your subscription.
A special discount is available for multiple Analyst Edition subscription orders within the same company.
To qualify, all subscriptions must be included in one order and paid as one account. The first subscription is charged at full price and any subscriptions after the first are charged at the discounted rates below.

Send additional Analyst Edition Subscriptions @ USD$95 each

Names and Email Addresses for Additional Analyst Subscriptions

I would like to order Back Issues:


Issues @ USD$20 each

Issues: Month, Year

Back Issue Delivery Method

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Acrobat File by Email

I would like to order Articles, Reports, Publications:
Need an Item Number? Search in Articles, Research, Info Source Catalog)

Item Numbers

Article Delivery Method

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Microsoft Word File by Email

I would like to place a CEAR.COM Web Directory Listing Order:

One Year Listing is USD$95 for one category. Additional category listings at USD$50 each.



Auto Producer
Auto Supplier Consulting
Engineering Export/Import
Finance Government
Human Resources Investment
Legal Logistics
Marketing Real Estate
Technology Trade Association
Trade Event Travel
University Programs

Product or Service:

Send your photo or company logo (GIF or JPEG format at 72ppi with a file size no greater than 5KB) as an email attachment  to . Include your name and company in the message body.
I would like to place the following Classified Advertisement: (payment is required prior to CEAR™ running the ad) USD$2 per word, minimum 50 words
Run my classified ad in the (fill in month) issue(s).

Delivery and Payment Information:

Please submit this Order Form and you will receive an invoice, by email, listing the total purchase price. If you require a printed invoice by mail, check the appropriate box below. Products will be delivered or services will begin upon receipt of payment by your choice of the following four methods:

Check: Payment due in US Dollars or equivalent Canadian Dollars, British Pounds, German Marks, French Francs, Austrian Schillings, or Japanese Yen. We accept Personal, Company, or Bank Checks drawn on US, Canadian, UK, German, French, Austrian, or Japanese Banks payable to ""

Purchase Order: Email to

Credit Card: Visa and MasterCard Accepted. To insure the security of your transaction, we handle credit card orders by fax. After we receive this electronic order form, we will send you an invoice by email. Print the invoice, fill in your credit card information, and return the completed invoice to us by fax. Your order will be delivered upon our receipt of your fax.

I require a printed invoice by regular mail

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