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"The heavy duty vehicle market is definitely a much bigger market, much better, and much more profitable market for all of us."

Mirek Staniszewski
Dana's Perfect Circle

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Feature Country

Profile Interview

February 1996 Slovenia Goran Bacetic, Alpa Adria
Forming a Slovenian Company, Restrictions on Foreign Investment, Accounting Standards, Freight Forwarding
March 1996 Hungary George P. Loranger, Loranger Manufacturing
US Ambassador Blinken, Forming a Hungarian Company, Investment Considerations, Accounting Standards, Managerial Training
April 1996 Czech REPUBLIC Karel J. Kosman, Accel Group
Military Procurement, Trademarks, Where to Invest, Holding Companies, Hungarian American Enterprise Fund
May 1996 Slovak REPUBLIC John Vrba, Thermal Laminates Corp.
Becoming a Majority Shareholder, Environmental Due Diligence, Business Valuations, Investment Considerations, Slovak American Enterprise Fund
June 1996 Poland Jaroslaw Dabek, GM Poland
Privatization's Auto Opportunities, Setting Up a Company, Investing on the Stock Exchange, Tax Issues for Auto Investors, Polish Parts Suppliers
July 1996 Romania Dong-Kyu Park, Daewoo/Rodae
Distributors, Romanian American Enterprise Fund, Distribution & Production Agreements, Investing in Romania, Taxes and Customs Duties, Romanian Parts Suppliers
September 1996 Slovenia Bernard Coursat, Revoz
Human Resources in Central Europe, Acquiring a Slovenian Company, Forms of Investment, Taxes & Customs-New VAT, Excise Tax, Renault Production Numbers, Slovenian Parts Suppliers
October 1996 Hungary Dr. Frigyes Banki, Magyar Suzuki
Freight in Central Europe, Unfair Market Practices Act, Customs Free Zones, Taxes & Customs, Car Parts Export & Import Figures, Goodyear Hungary Tire Sales, Hungarian Parts Suppliers
November 1996 Czech REPUBLIC Vladimir Volak, Motor Vehicle Research Institute
Banking & Finance Update, Protecting Patents, Investment Legislative Changes, Case Study Privatization of Avia, Passenger & Light Commercial Vehicle Sales Figures, Foreign Investment Figures
December 1996 Slovak REPUBLIC Karl P. Wilhelm, Volkswagen Bratislava
Banking & Finance Update, Joint Production Agreements, Analysis BAZ, Taxes & Customs, New Car Sales in Slovakia, Slovak Parts Suppliers
January 1997 Poland Scott R. Mackie, GM Poland
Analysis ZML Kety, Case Study Stomil Sanok, Commercial Vehicle Sales, Best Selling Cars in Poland, Special Economic Zones, Polish Suppliers
February 1997 ROMANIA / BULGARIA Mike Morris, AutoLease
New Competition Law, Parts Suppliers, ISO 9000, Romanian Import Sales Figures, Bulgarian Customs Issues, Polish Labor Code Amendments, Romanian Parts Suppliers
March 1997 SLOVENIA Andrej Lazar, Saturnus
Market Highlights, Limited Liability Companies, Slovenian Suppliers, 1995 & 1996 New Car Sales and Registration Figures, Polish Engineer Salary Survey, Renault Production Numbers
April 1997 HUNGARY Mark Simpson, Ford Hungaria
Market Highlights, Changes in Auto Financing & Leasing Rules, Hungarian Car Sales Figures, Hungarian Auto Parts & Components Suppliers, Case Study; Car Distributor Companies, Bulgarian Auto Parts & Components Suppliers, Daewoo Motor Hungary Sales Figures, Changes to Hungary's Corporate Tax Law, Light Commercial Vehicle Sales Figures.
May 1997 CZECH REPUBLIC Detlef Wittig, Skoda
Daewoo Motor's Central Europe Investments, Establishing Joint Ventures in Czech Republic, Daewoo Avia 1996 Results, Czech Car Sales, Analysis Petrochemical 's Kaucuk A.S. Kralupy, Warsaw Auto Conference, SAMAR Polish Market Review, Changes to Czech Tax and Customs System
June 1997 SLOVAK REPUBLIC Gary Cash, Chrysler Eurostar
Slovak new car sales, Slovak production figures, Slovak Direct Sale Privatization, Analysis of steel maker VSZ, Slovak American Enterprise Fund Looks at Suppliers, Slovak Supplier List, Investment Opportunities, Slovak Tax & Customs Duty Changes
July 1997 POLAND Zdzislaw Chabowski, TC Debica
Polish Civil Code Changes, PAIZ Helps Auto Investors, Slovenian Sales & Production Figures, Polish Sales Figures, Wix in Poland, Polish Custom's Code Delay, Polish Supplier List, Investment Opportunities, Calendar
September 1997 ROMANIA Dong-Kyu Park, Chairman, Daewoo Automobile Romania
Regional Market Highlights, Dacia: The Dark Side of the Romanian Market, 1997 Clio Production at Revoz Slovenia, New Car Sales Bulgaria, Tips For Success in Central Europe, Romanian Auto Market Analysis, Tofan Grup and Prems Reviewed, 4th International Conference on the Automotive Industry in C&E Europe, Daewoo’s Worldwide Car Production Goals, Romania’s Emergency Foreign Investment Ordinance, Financing Deal Interview Connecticut Manufacturing Company S.A., Top 10 Car Sellers Poland, New Commercial Vehicle Sales Poland, New Car Sales Poland, Romanian Customs, VAT, and Excise Tax Exemptions for Cars, Romanian Customs Rates for Imported Cars, Calendar, Investment Opportunities, Romanian Auto Suppliers
October 1997 POLAND Achim Kuhne, GM/Opel
Analysis of Vehicle Distribution in Central Europe, Poland Facts and Figures, Ford Targets Slovakia for Components, Human Resources, Logistics and Transportation Regional Special Report, Regional Market Highlights, Investment Opportunities, 1997 Clio Production for Revoz Slovenia, Scania Targets Central Europe, Slovenian Ecological and Special Tax on Cars, Romanian Vehicle Production and Sales, Tax and Social Security Changes in Poland
November 1997 HUNGARY Borai, Tamas, Managing Director, MMG Automatika Muvek Rt.
MMG On Hungary's Engineering, Partners, and Cost Cutting, Hungary's Commercial Advertising Act,Hungary's Interior Parts Mfg., Hella Takes on Hungarian Parts Market, Hungarian Automotive Parts Suppliers, Hungary's Leasing Laws, Best Selling Cars & Commercial Vehicles in Poland, Daewoo Pumping $550 million into Lanos, Nubira, & Leganza, New Car Registrations in Europe, Top Selling Companies in Poland, Sales of New Cars and Commercial Vehicles in Poland, Regional Market Highlights, Creating Quality, More Land Needed in Poland; Hungary Accommodates Industrial Expansion, EC Policy Towards C&E Europe, Auto Sector Strategy, Investment Opportunities, Conference in Warsaw Brings Together Industry Leaders
December 1997 CZECH REPUBLIC Engert, Peter, Executive Director, CAC Leasing a.s.
CAC Leasing Keeping pace With Czech & Slovak Leasing Market, Customs Changes Impact Foreign Investment, VDO Instrument in the Czech Republic, Corporate Tax Lowered; VAT Changes; New Regulations for Asset & Service Valuation, Czech Auto Parts Suppliers,Best Selling Passenger Cars & Commercial Vehicle Models in Poland, New Car Registrations in Europe/Poland, Sales of New Cars and Commercial Vehicles in Poland, Top Selling Companies in Poland, Regional Market Highlights, Tips For Success; Developing Local R&D Expertise, Bucharest International Auto Show 1997 Review, Russia & CIS Watch, Slovakia's Ailing Engineering Industry -- Strategic Partners Essential

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