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"The heavy duty vehicle market is definitely a much bigger market, much better, and much more profitable market for all of us."

Mirek Staniszewski
Dana's Perfect Circle

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Reader Comments

This is what CEAR™ Readers are saying;

"We reviewed several Newsletters on Automotive in Central and Eastern Europe before deciding on which one to subscribe. What we needed was a fast, accurate one-stop-shop where we get the maximum amount of information with the minimum time spent reviewing it. From what we saw, the Central Europe Automotive Report came out far ahead of the rest. Additionally, it's interviews with leading Executives in the Region, provide us the background knowledge to understand the decision making processes and Management thinking behind what is happening in this very dynamic part of the World. Your Newsletter is becoming essential reading for us."

John Stepan, QAD - Automotive Industry Task Force in Poland

"Finding out details on distribution in Central and Eastern Europe was and is very difficult. Your report is specific to the automotive industry. Apart from the Central Europe Automotive Report, I don't think that there is another magazine giving FACTS. Lots of guesstimates, forecasts and wishful thinking around but FACTS are hard to come by. The Central Europe Automotive Report makes my work a lot easier."

Elaine Hardy, Project Director, Harbour Wade Brown, UK - Automotive Consultants


"Information is clear and precise, country facts and figures are excellent, feature profile is well oriented and presented, Legal, Investment, and Opportunity features are very informative."

Manufacturing Manager, Spicer Europe-Dana Corporation, UK


"You produce an excellent report. It is full of contacts and useful information. We refer business people to your report even if they are not in the auto industry."

Honorary Slovak Consul, USA


 "Thank you for your prompt response to my inquiry. I appreciate the high quality of your research and your publication."

Consultant, Bain Link Moscow, Russia


 "This is really a great idea, nobody else is doing anything like this, and the auto market here is going to explode, your timing is perfect."

Marketing Communications, Delphi, Poland


"I find the report informative, and have taken a one-year subscription to your magazine."

Vice President, Chrysler Europe, Belgium


"We are very impressed with your organization and look forward to reading more of your work."

Market Analyst, IRN, USA - Automotive Consultants


"Your publication is very helpful for us to find other companies to cooperate with."

Karoly Nagy, Marketing Coordination Manager, RABA, Hungary


"I am impressed. Thank you for my newsflash. Your web site is informative, comprehensive, professional and global. Nice credentials on your legal advisors. It's a class operation."

Attorney, Navistar International


"I read it. I enjoy it. It is very interesting news."

Karl P. Wilhelm, Technical Managing Director, Volkswagen Bratislava, Slovak Republic



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